Friday, 27 June 2008

Glastonbury and Wells

 Today we took a field trip to Glastonbury and Wells.  We got to visit the Glastonbury Abbey ruins where the first Christian church was established. It is also the site where King Arthur is buried.  We then went to Wells (not Wales, the country) and on our way there we saw all the people at the Glastonbury Music Festival camping out.  We went to the Wells Cathedral after having tea and coffee in a quaint little tea house in Wells.  The Cathedral was really beautiful and we learned a lot about its history in the tour. The Cathedral used to be painted in all kinds of elaborate colors but during the Reformation it was white-washed; there are still traces of the colors on certain walls and statues. It was neat to go around and find the small traces of color! We then took the bus back and made our way through the rain to Wycliffe for dinner.  Tomorrow a group of us are going to Bath and I am so excited!!

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