Sunday, 29 June 2008

Church Services, Delicious Cake, & British Horses

Happy Birthday Mum!! Well today was the first day I did not carry my camera around with me everywhere so my descriptions will just have to do! This morning a group of us made the early trek to Christ Church but when we arrived we found out that they were having ordinations for priests and visitors were not allowed.  We walked across the street to St. Aldates (which is a pentecostal church) so we went from one extreme to another! After a pleasant service of praise and worship, we headed down the street to the Alice Shop (from Alice in Wonderland) where the "real Alice" went to buy sweets. I really enjoyed looking at all the Alice gifts.  I bought a new journal and some notecards with the characters from the book on it. We headed to the mall next to pick up groceries and such and then back to Crick for a nap.  Really, everyone was passed out around the house! It was a good day for a nap though and much needed for our walking! We headed to Christ Church for the Evensong service which was really beautiful! We then had dinner at Pizza Hut and made our way to The Vines for birthday cake.  I found a guitar in the corner of the living room and a few of us jammed for a little while, which was so much fun! On our way back from the Vines a few of us saw horses and we went under the fence to pet them.  It was so peaceful! Well this week we only have seminars and no morning lectures or dinners that we have to attend.  We will all have to start our two big papers due at the end of the program.  We are all excited for some free time though! 

*P.S. I know some of you have been trying to make comments and haven't been able to...I changed the settings and you can now post without an account! Feel free to leave comments...I really enjoy them!

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