Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Tolkien's house/grave...Tea with Professors...playing Sardines

July 10, 2008
I woke up this morning and found people still up downstairs working on their papers. I was so thankful to have mine finished. I packed a little and then Emily, Sarah, and I set out to find Tolkien's grave and house. We gave in our papers first at Frewin Court and then caught a bus to the Wolvercote Cemetery. We found his grave and people had left all kinds of little things: a lantern, flowers, a candle, and funniest of all, an orc figurine to commemorate Lord of the Rings. We took pictures and Emily and I left 2 pence. We hopped back on the bus and visited the house where Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings. We walked back to Crick and put on our garden attire for the closing event at the Vaults. Some of our professors came and then Chris handed out our superlatives. I am "most likely to befriend a statue of Jane Austen." We all left and some of us went to take a nap and then met up in the living room. We fixed spaghetti and watched "Ferris Buellar's Day Off." Then we all changed into black clothes and headed out to play a game of Sardines. We played until 2:30am and then headed back to Crick. We made some tea and sat out in the backyard for a while talking about books and then finally headed to bed. Tomorrow's our last day :(

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