Saturday, 5 July 2008

The Crick Family

July 1, 2008
This morning some of went to an optional meeting about Oxford scholarships, fellowships, and other programs we might be interested in.  After the meeting, I went to my Jane Austen class and we discussed "Mansfield Park" and our views of Fanny Price.  It was fun because the other girl in my class and I disagreed.  After class I walked to City Centre for some more groceries.  When I got back I met Lindsey, Leslie, Howard, and Julianna at Wycliffe and we walked to the Yo Sushi for dinner.  It was really neat because we sat a table where a conveyor belt came around containing different colored plates. None of us had been to a place like that so we really enjoyed the new experience.  We walked back to Crick and took a nap and around 9:00 we started setting up for the dance party we were planning to throw for Lindsey's birthday.  We danced to crazy songs and had "some good clean fun" as Lindsey describes it! We didn't think anyone could hear us but apparently you could hear us three houses down!

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