Saturday, 5 July 2008

Family Dinners

July 2, 2008
Today was our first rainy day in a while; we've had such beautiful weather.  I walked with Lindsey to Sainsbury's and we bought groceries for the family meal! I offered to do the dessert of ice cream cones and Oreos. We also bought fruit for our own dish for the Fourth of July.  We took a cab back to Crick because we had a lot of groceries.  It was so different from the first time we arrived by cab because we knew where we were going.  We unloaded our groceries and then read our selection of reading for class.  We then headed to our last Literature class. We talked about Joyce's "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man."  After class, we came back to Crick and started on the meal of chicken alfredo pasta and caesar salad.  I turned my laptop on to some jazzy tunes and everyone said it was like we were in a restaurant.  We all had our family meal together after Howard prayed of it and then dessert.  Then we gathered around the sinks to wash dishes together.  We hung out downstairs for a bit listening to music and then headed to our rooms to work.

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