Saturday, 5 July 2008

Going to the Kilns (Lewis' House)

Most of us slept in late today, resting up from our big day and late night last night.  A few of us left Crick at 2:00pm and walked to the Bus Stop heading for The Kilns (which is the house of C.S. Lewis).  We arrived near Lewis Close and got to walk around the little cottage. Nicole, the SCIO director, told us about the inside while we sat in his garden.  She then showed us the pond where Lewis and Tolkein would go swimming.  We then walked to Holy Trinity Church where Lewis preached a few sermons and attended services.  He is buried in the graveyard beside the church.  We got to see the pew where he and his brother sat and there was a window beside it that had pictures of Narnia.  We walked back to the bus stop and headed back to Crick.  Some people went back out again so it was really quiet for a change.  I went downstairs and played guitar for a bit until the rest came back home and we used our new TV to watch "Casino Royal." Four people from our group left around midnight for Paris so we saw them off.  Tomorrow is our last Sunday service here and we are planning on going to University Church.  

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