Saturday, 5 July 2008

Happy 4th of July in Jolly 'Ol England!!

July 4, 2008
We woke up for our last Friday field trip and met up at Wycliffe Hall.  We got on the bus and rode to Coventry.  We weren't too impressed with the looks of the city, but the Cathedral was really nice.  It had been bombed in WWII but the part that survived still remains.  They built a new modern Cathedral beside it that is almost all made of concrete but has beautiful modern stained glass windows.  Much of the architecture was very modern. There was a large mural in the front of the church and the stained glass had a very modern art look.  After our short tour of the Cathedral, a few of us chose to take Holy Communion at a small service.  Then we walked around Coventry to find something to eat.  We decided on Subway and took our sandwiches back to eat them on the lawn behind the Cathedral.  We visited the gift shop and then played in the fountains in front of the Cathedral.  We got back on the bus, damp from playing in the water and made our way home.  We all gathered in the kitchen to finish our dishes for the 4th celebration.  We walked with our potluck dishes all the way to the Vines.  When we arrived we were greeted by red, white, and blue decorations and more than one person wearing a flag shirt.  We put our meat on the grill and then Chris had us all take turns reading the "Declaration of Independence."  We prayed and then dug into all the delicious food.  It was looking overcast so we gathered around the TV and watched "The Royal Tenenbaums."  It started clearing up outside so we headed out for soccer and an egg toss.  Some of us decided to throw water balloons at the guys but it was short-lived when they started retaliating.  We ended the night with an intense game of Mafia.  I didn't play the second round so I got the guitar from the living room and played.  Then Katie came and listened and we talked until the others were finished playing. We didn't walk back to Crick until 3:00am.  It was a great 4th of July celebration in England!!

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